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Invisalign has become a popular way to correct misaligned teeth and improve your smile without having to get braces. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth. Not only does this improve your smile cosmetically, it has a positive impact on your oral health as well. Many people prefer Invisalign to braces for the following reasons:


  • Invisalign is invisible. The aligners you wear are nearly transparent, remaining unnoticeable when wearing them.
  • Eat and clean with ease. Unlike braces, Invisalign trays are removable for convenience when eating and cleaning your teeth. Yes, you can still floss and eat popcorn.
  • Easy treatment process. All you need to do is come in every few weeks to get a new aligner.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

We recommend Invisalign for most patients who need to realign their teeth. Many prefer Invisalign because it is more discreet than braces and doesn’t limit the foods you can eat. That being said, those with more significant or complicated alignment issues may need to consider braces for the most lasting, effective treatment.

Getting Invisalign is a simple, straightforward procedure. After deciding that Invisalign is right for you, we take a 3D X-ray of your teeth that we use to create the custom Invisalign aligner tray.

The Invisalign Process

Once your custom aligners are created, we ensure that they fit properly and you can start wearing them right away. From there, you’ll come for check-ins every few weeks to track your progress. Most patients notice results at the first check-in.

As your teeth realign, we’ll create new aligners for you to wear until treatment is complete, which can be anywhere from six to twelve months.


Patient Testimonials

"Brand New Office, I like the Automated Check In, it saves patients lot of time. Dr. Jesmine is very innovative and very detailed, I was in and out fast with great service."

\ Adrian

"My teeth are not the best thanks to genetics but the staff is always very kind. Dr. Jesmine is very nice and has done all of my major dental work like crowns and root canals."

\ Sasha

"Staff as a whole took good care of me. I also loved how they explained everything so that I understood what was needed, being done and what I was paying for. Thank you all."

\ Sylvia


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