It can be time-consuming and costly to repair minor defects in your smile one by one with dental bonding and teeth whitening. Dental veneers are a great way to improve the look of your teeth in just one procedure.

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth, custom-fitted to ensure the perfect placement. Veneers are designed to naturally blend into your smile and can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Are Dental Veneers Right For You?

Veneers are highly effective at improving the look of teeth and correcting for wear and tear. Veneers can:

  • Cover discoloration and stains. For patients with significant discoloration and staining, veneers bring your smile back to a bright, white gleam.
  • Correct misshapen teeth and cover gaps. Over time, teeth can wear down, become misshapen, and shift to create gaps. Veneers can correct misshapen, worn teeth and cover small gaps between teeth.
  • Protect from minor chips and cracks. Veneers are an option for covering up minor chips and cracks, so long as the tooth is still healthy.
  • Adjust crooked teeth. Veneers can be fitted to correct for the appearance of a crooked tooth so that your smile looks aligned.

Easy, Non-Invasive Procedure

Getting dental veneers is a relatively easy process. The entire process of getting veneers can generally be done in two or three office visits.

1. Consultation: During your first visit, we decide on the proper treatment plan for you, including deciding which teeth need veneers.

2. Fitting: The next step is to take impressions of your teeth so we can create custom veneers to fit.

3. Bonding: At this stage, we apply the veneers and adjust them to achieve a perfect fit before bonding them to your teeth.

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Patient Testimonials

"Brand New Office, I like the Automated Check In, it saves patients lot of time. Dr. Jesmine is very innovative and very detailed, I was in and out fast with great service."

\ Adrian

"My teeth are not the best thanks to genetics but the staff is always very kind. Dr. Jesmine is very nice and has done all of my major dental work like crowns and root canals."

\ Sasha

"Staff as a whole took good care of me. I also loved how they explained everything so that I understood what was needed, being done and what I was paying for. Thank you all."

\ Sylvia


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