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How Can Orthodontics Help?

To most people, the word “orthodontics” means braces. But it also encompasses other treatments for malocclusion of the teeth, the formal term for misalignment. At Innovative Smiles, we offer orthodontics to help patients achieve their ideal smile.

We help people with crowded teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, open bite, and other alignment issues. Many assume that orthodontia work is cosmetic, when in reality untreated misalignment can lead to many oral health problems, sometimes serious ones.

Treatments We Provide

The orthodontic treatments we provide include:

  • Braces: Used to significantly adjust the position and alignment of front and/or bottom teeth.
  • Retainers: Effective for maintaining realigned teeth or correcting less significant alignment issues.
  • Tooth removal: When experiencing overcrowding, removing teeth, especially wisdom teeth, may be necessary to create space and properly align teeth.
  • Tooth adjustments: Reshaping teeth as well as other adjustment procedures may be necessary.
  • Surgical procedures: In severe cases of malocclusion, surgery may be needed to adjust the jaw to create proper alignment.

Who Should See an Orthodontist?

If you’re experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, have an overbite or underbite, frequently bite your cheek and tongue, or have speech issues related to the teeth, you may want to see an orthodontist.

It is important that children and teenagers regularly see a dentist and orthodontist to make sure that their teeth are healthy as they grow. Many alignment, bite, and crowding issues can be identified early on and are much easier to correct at an early stage. Taking care of issues at a young age avoids the development of potentially more severe problems later on.


Patient Testimonials

"Brand New Office, I like the Automated Check In, it saves patients lot of time. Dr. Jesmine is very innovative and very detailed, I was in and out fast with great service."

\ Adrian

"My teeth are not the best thanks to genetics but the staff is always very kind. Dr. Jesmine is very nice and has done all of my major dental work like crowns and root canals."

\ Sasha

"Staff as a whole took good care of me. I also loved how they explained everything so that I understood what was needed, being done and what I was paying for. Thank you all."

\ Sylvia


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